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We are a Real Estate Investment organization.  In the process of our regular and frequent advertising and prospecting, we gather multiple leads that we may or may not be able to develop into viable business opportunities.  In the past, when we gathered a lead and were unable to use it for our main purpose, we simply filed it away and seldom did anything else.
We then realized that whether we are able to make immediate use of the lead or not, we know several things about any prospect we recieve as a lead- such as:
(1)  They are mobile and ready to relocate. They are either seeking to buy or sell a house.  This makes them not only a prospect for a real estate selling transction, but opens up doors for moving and storage, cable TV, insurance or all kinds, various home improvements to the house they are seeking to sell, pool services, lawn services, landscaping, home security and counless other products and services.
(2)   In today's market, almost everyone has a financial issue or need of some sort.  This also makes our leads prospects for almost any type of financing - first mortgage, refinancing, reverse mortgage, etc.  They are frequently good prospects for credit improvement, debt consolidation, investment counseling, etc.
(3)  It's also a fact that within a few months of a home change, many people tend to make other major financial decisions such as purhasing a new vehicle, planning a vacation, etc. It seems to have to do with state of mind and freedom of funds.  This makes them a candidate for such things as an auto purchase or lease, travel and other leisure investments, arts and entertainment and a variety of other matters.
(4)  Also, if the lead is from a buyer who is relocating, our leads are viable for almost any type of product or service since a newly relocated individual or family is in search of new connections for such things as places to eat, attend church, find medical and eye care professionals, shop for clothing and food and everything they did where they used to live that will need to be re-established in their new location.
Therefore, we decided to not only share these leads with people who could make use of them, but charging a very nominal fee for each lead, we are now able to recover some of the costs of our lead gathering activities.
As a lead buyer, you will find that these prospects are great candidates for direct mail, telemarketing, a personal visit or whatever form of contact you wish to initiate.  All of these prospects are told when they submit their information to us that we are part of a large community of service providers in our area, any of which may be in contact with them as result of their lead submission, so they are unlikely to view your contact in a hostile manner.  Of course there are no guarantees.
So that's pretty much the entire program in a nutshell.  If you have any questions, please feel free to use our "Contact Us" form and we'll respond quickly, but before asking us a question, please review our list of "Frequently Asked Questions" to see if we've already answered it .
We look forward to working with you and providing you with great leads to help you grow your business.
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