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Leads FAQ

I Can Get Leads Cheaper Off The Internet:
There's a big difference between information and a qualified lead.  Our leads have orally expressed interest in your service within 48 hours of the day you get the lead.  A live operator asked the questions, not a worthless internet lead collected by online spiders and cookies.  If you only closed one out of ten don't you think that's a good rate of return? And remember no long term commitment.
How Many Others Will Get Them?
It depends on your business.  Some businesses can only use area specific leads and others, such as contractors, may not be as concerned with a localized area such as zip code. We will not over saturate any business category.  We're all in this together and we want long term customers who do well with our leads
How Do I Know This Information Is Correct?
We report what the customers tells us and our screener is trained to get good information.  The customer is told that some area businesses will be offering them free coupons and specials and that you will be contacting them to do so. If they give us erroneous information they can't receive the special offers from you.  They have no reason to lie. In addition, we'll replace any lead you buy if the contact infomation is incorrect.
How Long Do I Have To Decide?
We are only working with a few businesses in any industrey and it's first come, first served.  If we're fully committed when you register, you'll automatically be put on our back up list when leads become available.
How Do I Set Up My Daily Budget And Other Preferences?
You will be able to email us with your preferences. You can control your budget by increasing, decreasing or stopping the number of leads you want to receive. You can do this by emailing us at
How Many Leads Will You Generate?
We don't know.  It depends on a lot of variables including your industry. It may be only a handful or many per week but remember you can cap the number you get.
I'be Bought Leads Before And They Were Worthless:
So have we. That's why we started generating our own where we can trust the information and know it's current.  The leads you buy are all local, manually collected and in most cases the prospect has expressed interest in your business or you won't get them, and remember, no long term contracts and you can determine the age of the lead. You can quit at any time.
What Does Your Company Sell?
We buy and sell houses. It's unlikely we are competition to you.
How Do You Acquire Leads?
We advertise through several medias to get buyers and sellers of homes and they are asked if they'd like to receive offers from local businesses.  They are told these businesses will be using the information we collect and be contacting them to solicit their patronage and many will be offering discounts and coupons in an effort to earn their business.
When Will My Card Get Charged?
We send Leads daily around 4PM, assuring you of almost instant delivery of the very freshest leads. We will only charge your card for each day's total and only once per day.  We also have a plan in which we bring the leads to your business on Friday's and you are able to pay for the leads by check. Whatever is easiest for you.
What Kind Of Summary Data Are You Providing Reagarding The Leads I Receive?
We will provide an monthly invoice of the leads you have received if you request one.
 What Happens If A Lead I Receive Is "Bad" or Unusable?
     Of course we do everything we can to insure that any lead we ship is as complete and accurate as possible.  However, we are only human and therefore, mistakes and omissions will occur from time to time.
     First, Let's understand what we feel would make a lead unusable.  If the phone number we have provided in a lead is in service (it rings when dialed) and the address provided is valid (regular USPS mail is deliverable), then we would deem that lead as valid.
     We obviously cannot force the person who completed the data to respond to any actions you might undertake to contact them.  However, if a lead is indeed unusable, (i.e. the potential customer is unreachable via the information we provide) then the "dispute" process is very simple.
     Each lead is delivered to you individually via email or in person and each of these emails contains a built-in link to use in disputing a lead. If a lead is unusable (via the criteria above), just click on that built-in link and you'll be presented with a web page where you can let us know what problem you experienced with the lead. If we can resolve it by correcting the information that makes it usable, we will do so and return it to you.  If we do not do so within 48 hours of receiving your dispute, you will receive an automatic lead credit to your account.
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