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Lead Generation

Dear Business Owner,
     Every week we mail advertisements to homeowners in the Triad, many of whom respond to our letters.  Our company is Successful Real Estate Solutions, LLC located in Winston Salem, NC and our business is buying houses.  There are only a few people who call us that we can't work with to purchase their home. In addition, we do a lot of advertising to sell houses, thus generating a lot of leads who give us valuable information about their needs and interests.
      It occurred to us that you could use this important information to approach these customers who are ready to sell their home or buy another to promote your products and services.  For example, if you're a RealtorĀ®, all these houses are not listed. If you're a mortgage broker, many need to be refinanced. If you're a contractor of most any kind, many of these homes need some work such as roofs, painting, carpet cleaning, landscaping, moving trucks, attorneys, mortgage services, etc. The list seems endless.
      We can ask the callers pointed questions to determine interest in your product or service, such as "Will you need your home painted in the near future?" or "Would you like to take advantage of the current low rates and refinance your home or get financing for your new home?" Obviously, this would be important information to a painter or a mortgage broker.
      We can also add a few other questions irrelevant to their home but very relevant to you.  For example: "Will you be needing your carpets cleaned, your home pressure washed, a house cleaning service, any legal service, dental work, security system in your home or office," etc.
      We can tailor the question to fit your business.  Tell us what you want to know and we'll ask.
     If you can use any of this information to approach potential customers, and most businesses can, you get a fresh hot lead and we get some of our advertising costs defrayed. It helps us both and provides the customer with a link to your valuable products and services.
     The cost to you is much cheaper than you could ever acquire them working on your own, and in fact is only a fraction of what it costs us.  Also note we collect a lot of information so it's much more than a name and address, and it's collected orally so you aren't getting worthless internet leads collected by spiders and cookies online.
     If you can use these leads the same day they come in we can e-mail them to you to use as you see fit. You get the same information the customer gives us.
     All we need from you is your permission and a credit card number on a simple agreement you'll find at our "Subscribe" page.  You'll also find a list of the exact information we collect so you can determine if it meets your needs and if not a call to us will correct it.
    You can put a limit on the number you buy each week and stop anytime you like. Our system is set up to automatically send you the leads and only charge for those you receive.
    In this tough economic climate, we all need all the advantages we can get and if you do the math by taking your average value of a sale and dividing it by the cost of a handful of leads to make a sale you should like the number. If you sell one out of five and you paid $25 for a lead, it cost $125 to make the sale and acquire a new customer in my example on the very first purchase.  We all need new customers, now more than ever.
The cost of these leads will vary by industry and should not be considered an additional expense. Perhaps you can simply divert some non-productive advertising expense to these highly productive, qualified leads.
Please consider it and call me at 336-416-3863 to discuss any questions you may have.  Thank you for your attention.

I am interested in the Lead Generation system!